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No one is just one thing...

No one is just one thing, and so I get to be many things: a singer, a band leader, a writer, a speaker, a friend, Most of all I like to build things:  shows, songs. stories, bands, live music performances, businesses... you get the idea.  I'm a builder.


My Skillset

I am a Singer, a Seeker, a Stranger. No one is just one thing.Music, especially live music, brings everything I am together and helps me tell the stories I love to tell.


My Passions

This website is all about my passions. I am passionate about music -- especially singing -- but also about art, nature, communication, innovation and building and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

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Lynda Covello Music and Words

345- 110 Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3V5, Canada